Core Values

The AB360 core values are the foundation of the company culture and reflect what the company means to each startup.


There are eight six guiding values for our ecosystem:

  1. Respect - Give Honest Feedback

  2. Create Value for Others

  3. Keep our word, our reputation is Important

  4. Be Transparent - No Hidden Agenda

  5. Long Term Play - Support the Founder

  6. Reasonable Terms

  7. Impact Investing - A Just Cause - Impact Matters - Helping the World

  8. Work Hard, Play Hard




We are passionate, curious, courageous, open-minded, respecting and recognize hustle at all levels. We act with integrity and take appropriate consequences to eradicate unethical and non-compliant behaviors. We aim to make a better world through financing, strengthening, and finally growing a family of (software) companies around the world enabling them to be clear leaders (#1 or #2) within their focused industry, generating a WAR (weighted average return) >3.5x  to our investors.


Our BHAG is:

1-Flexible Financing Solutions to meet your needs and grow your company.

2- Be a part of our Ecosystem for Transformational Support

Last but not least: Be Treated like Family

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At AB360, we feel, act and behave as one family – and create software successful companies in an engaging and exclusive startup ecosystem that trust to drive teamwork, favours work hard, but also plays hard.

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Investment Opportunities

We use transparent communication to keep our investors engaged.  We have a personalized approach. Most venture capitals are after defining a fast “record” earning as a new high and create earnings per share. However, startups fail tremendously and greatly since investors often care of taking the most out of the company and not letting it grow, or forgetting that the CEO is not only inexperienced but not a leader.  We try to give transformational support to these companies instead of looking at their year to year to their equity base. When we find nothing particularly noteworthy in a management performance combining an increase in earnings. After all, we are keen to support entrepreneurs who join us to become leader at their heart. 

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Redding Office

1237 Willis St, 96001, CA

SF Office West

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San Francisco, CA 94158

AB 360 Ventures LLC is a venture capital that invests in people before ideas. We are not political, and strive for making the world a better place, by building leaders out of the entrepreneurs who choose us. We aim for generations of success.


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We aim at generating a WAR (weighted average return) >3.5x  to our investors

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